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Zugami / 16.05.2021

Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. I've been lucky enough to play with a lot of it. I realize that most of it is super expensive, but not all. During the past few years, I have been fortunate to audition a variety of phono stages from Audio Note UK and compare them to other phono stages that various manufacturers have loaned to me. It's a moving magnet phono stage, uses cute little mini-tubes and is small compared to most Audio Note piecesbut doesn't SOUND small.

In fact it sounds mighty.

audio note m3

What they do is sound different. The R-Zero clarifies this conclusion that I started to believe listening to the fine M2-RIAA because it is very dynamic, liquid sounding, silent when music is not playing; it has a full, rich tone, plenty of volume and even at this low price point, it has a recognizable Audio Note UK sound. This is plenty to qualify it as a full-fledged audiophile product, despite its price.

What is does provide is a more universal sound, as though it is designed to work with a wide variety of associated equipment. It sounds more linear and less warm than the M6 and M9, as though these preamps are optimized for use within a full AN system. The M2-RIAA resolves very subtle nuances such as minute details and ambience cues from an acoustic space with more sophistication, but this difference is only evident in a direct comparison.

It features a pair of WA miniature dual triodes, a nicely built tube MM phono stage that will hold its own! An amazingly low price for something built by AN. Steve HoffmanJun 16, SirMarcDmannManimal and 10 others like this.

SandAndGlassbluemooze and Seafinch like this. Location: Washington, DC. Steve, thanks for your very thorough review and pictures of this phono preamp. It is a reasonably priced phono preamp, considering that it is an Audio Note component.

Scott in DCJun 16, Location: Fullerton, CA.Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: Mystic, CT. David CopeNov 17, Kenneth73 likes this.

Location: Denmark. Kenneth73Nov 17, Location: Maryland. Thanks to you both for the additional comments. SalectricNov 17, Location: Hong Kong.

audio note m3

Naturally, it's not listed on their website. They probably have 50 products not listed on their website. Interestingly the dealer noted they sell far more M6 preamps than they sell M3 preamps. They will let me know when a second hand M6 becomes available - people here upgrade to the m8 or m9 or m10 - so we'll see.

My only issue with the dual volume control is that it is less fine in terms or volume level so my fear is it will go from good to too loud with each turn of the dial - I had this issue with my Sugden A48b and HE speakers high early gain. Though I do like the physicality of the volume knobs - you go to turn them and you're surprised that you need to exert some force.

Audio Note M3 Preamplifiers

Thunk Thunk. Now that's a knob! That's one thing that is slightly disappointing on my IA - it's built like a tank but the volume knob is a plastic loosey-goosey Alps.

The other switches are all solid thunk thunk types so it's a shame they didn't put a really good solid volume knob on it. It has remote control which is probably the reason.

Richard AustenNov 17, Location: Vancouver, BC. Don ParkhurstNov 17, You are definitely correct - you have to buy what comes up as an opportunity sometimes even if it pushes back the plan.Based on this platform, Audio Note believes upgrades of component and material quality are the answer to increasing fidelity, culminating in the supreme M8.

Four Noble pots line up on the silvery faceplate from left to right, representing Inputs, Tape Monitor, Balance and Volume. Output transformers are of the copper wired IE-core variety with M4 laminations, and the dual mono power supplies occupied most of the enormous chassis, using independent 6X5WGT double choke rectifiers for each channel. The transformer-coupled LEMO ohm balanced output is said to enable true balanced operation, negating the use of complex differential circuitry as common in other designs.

Two pairs of single-ended outputs are also standard. All jacks are thickly silver-plated over solid copper, which AN claims from their in-house experimentation can compete sonically with solid silver versions, thus representing an excellent quality to price relationship. Balanced and unbalanced outputs are not recommended for use simultaneously. An uncommon engineering feat practically exclusive to Audio Note is the incorporation of an interface transformer.

audio note m3

Unlike the common practice of connecting critical components inside the chassis with only wires, AN believes major sonic benefits can be achieved by relaying signals between these critical components via transformer-coupled interfaces.

Consequently, eight transformers are employed in the M3. Regarding housing the substantial power supply and critical analog circuits together in a single chassis, in an email to me, Audio Note owner Peter Qvortrup stated that he thought power supply interference and radiation as problems overrated by other manufacturers who devised external power supplies.

Peter believes a properly designed power supply system sharing a single chassis with the audio circuitry has the advantage of direct and short connection, further enhancing the sound quality. In my Audio Note Quest review, the lack of a suitable preamplifier prompted me to drive the Quest monoblocks directly from my Wadia 27 Decoding Computer.

audio note m3

Despite the sizeable transformers in each monoblock, the amplifiers were inadequate in sustaining high volume from my 90dB, 6 ohm Genesis VI and retaining all the dynamics. The Genesis VI is a 4-way speaker system consisting of one 1-inch circular ribbon tweeter, one 5-inch midrange, one 6-inch mid-bass coupler and one phase-inverted 1-inch circular ribbon on the rear. Working below a frequency cutoff point of 85 Hz are three 8-inch subwoofers each powered by a dedicated servo amplifier.

This configuration surprisingly enabled the Quests to drive the Genesis VI with outstanding dynamics. Whether it was a combination of increased signal strength from the Wadia, coupled with outputs from the M3 and better power supply by means of the AC Mains, or actually just one of the above factors, adding the M3 sparked the transformation. Its bottom-end capability was peerless altogether as rendered by the servo-powered woofers. At the time of this writing, the hour period has passed and my findings confirmed the validity of that recommendation.

The somewhat dry and opulent recording did not diminish the genius of the composer, nor did it impair the befitting classical touch lent by the very capable Orchestra and Chorus of Santa Cecilia, and the Radio Symphony of Rome. From the dryness also emerged micro dynamics the likes of which even audiophile labels would love to lay a claim to. Instrument localization never drifted and the soundstage was dimensional with airy ambience. Under his baton, the orchestra produced some of the most memorable and haunting notes, not to mention their lasting and stirring effects.

The M3 created an experience both musically and sonically satisfying with a seamless demonstration of the contrasting serenity and chaos. Degree of dynamic transients and rendition of tonalities reached new heights when presented by the M3.Tape decks Tuners View All Analog.

Solid state Tube View All Integrateds. Accessories D. LOG IN. It has been very well looked after and used in an all Audio Note system.

This is a genuine Audio Note Sorry, this listing has ended. You may like one of these similar items: Audio Research PH 3. Bob Carver Crimson 75wpc stereo amp is shipping- Zanden Audio Average Research Pricing. I have 2 systems and the second which is all digital is used more, so I decided to sell the M3. It was paired with some Conquest B amplifiers and sounds fantastic. It can run 2 Power Amplifiers for bi-amping or if you run a sub as well as a Power Amp.

It is ideal in a DAC based system to bring digital music back to reality i. Those that have heard one will know the quality on offer. The amplifier uses output transformers at the final stage so long interconnects are not a problem if required in your system.

However it has not been used much in the last 8 years since we moved house, so is probably one of the best examples of this era of M3 available.

Local pick-up is preferred in Leeds at my parents address if possible. Please note my advert is also on Ebay UK under my account: sunseeker-espana for local pickup and pay on demo. First one to demo and like it can buy it. Legal Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Research Pricing.Attention European Visitors! For sale is this fabulous high end all tube pre amplifier.

I have just had it thoroughly checked and serviced by tech Daniel Dagel. It checks out in excellent condition on all functions. There is not a mark on this unit. Audio Note is arguably the finest audio equipment in the world.

That technology is passed down to all lines of their equipment. Searching Audio Note M3 will provide you many hours reading glorious feedback for this and all AN hifi equiptment. Auditions welcomed in Victoria. Worldwide shipping available at buyers cost. Register Login. Hardware Browse all Hardware Ads Browse categories.

Vinyl CDs SACDs DVD-Audio 2. Blu-Ray-Audio 0. DVD 4. Blu-Ray 6. Tape 0. Watch Report This Ad. Item The feedback period is over for this ad, so feedback is no longer allowed. For details please read this FAQ entry.

Terms of Use Privacy Policy. What you'll get A business profile Dealer listing and icon See more.Search form Search. Show Munich More Reports. Tube Preamp Reviews. The first time I heard an Audio Note preamp was seven or eight years ago, when I sampled their entry-level M1—a refreshingly musical thing that brought the same kind of color and drama to preamplification that Audio Note's more famous products brought to the driving of speakers.

Newcomers, please don't wince: That's awfully cheap for what it was. Other Audio Note preamps came to call. The M2 has come up for redesign, resulting in a product that not only nips at the M3's heels but comes close to tying the race: the M2 Balanced, or M2B.

Description As its name implies, the M2 Balanced can drive the balanced inputs of any amplifier so equipped although it isn't designed for balanced throughput : all of its signal inputs are single-ended. Arguably, though, the M2B's greatest design distinction is that it speaks to the world through a pair of output transformers, just like a tube amp. That's something Audio Note has been doing for a number of years, beginning with their top-of-the-line M As the company's Peter Qvortrup puts it, transformer drive "linearizes the entire dynamic envelope of the music passing through the preamp.

Resistors and capacitors are imperfect in the sense that they all alter the relationship between amplitude and frequency. Audio Note looks at feedback the way GreenPeace looks at tuna nets. Upstream, each channel of the M2B's line section uses a single dual triode tube footnote 1the two halves of each tube combined as a paralleled common cathode amplifier; their output is loaded by the primaries of the aforementioned output transformers one for each channelwith separate secondaries for balanced and unbalanced output.

The phono preamp comprises three dual triode tubes, split in this instance so that one half of each tube works for the left channel, the other half for the right. Between them is a passive RIAA equalization circuit. Even further upstream, the M2B's power supply shares a family resemblance with those of other Audio Note products: It uses a rectifier tube 6X5WGT for the rail voltages, and a traditional pi filter centered around a Henry choke smooths the power.

DC for the various tube heaters is conditioned with separate solid-state regulators, each done up with nice-looking heatsinks. The M2B's interior is a much tidier place than those of the earliest Audio Note UK preamps, with a neater and sturdier chassis in particular.

An enameled metal shield keeps the power supply on the right from messing with the phono and line amps on the left. Sockets for the five dual triodes all appear on the same neat board, and two narrow sub-boards in front contain the volume and balance potentiometers, plus a motor for the former and the chips and other parts for a basic remote-control system. Low-level signals travel across short lengths of Audio Note AN-C interconnect cable, which is a shielded copper Litz type, and the output trannies' secondary windings go straight to the output board, with a pair of XLRs for balanced connection and two pairs of RCA jacks for unbalanced use.

Source selection is done with relays instead of a mechanical switch, these being mounted close to the input jacks to keep low-level signal paths short.

Audio Note and Vincent Bélanger, world class cellist Performing live, Capital Audiofest final

The remote handset lets the user scroll through the row of five inputs including phono from either direction. Volume can be adjusted using either the remote or the front-panel control, and so can the mute—but the balance can be adjusted only at the preamp itself. You know what I'm going to whine about now: I wish the M2B had a mono button and a channel-reverse switch. It doesn't.

Audio Note M3 Line [Expired]

On the other hand, its balance control, which attenuates either channel by up to 9dB, isn't bad at all: Its effect on the clarity of the M2B's sound was only barely audible.

A good enough compromise. Setup Installing and using the Audio Note was easy as pie. The silver-plated input jacks fell easily to hand at the preamp's back, and the extra pair of unbalanced output jacks even let me take my Linn Sizmik subwoofer out for a spin.

Audio Note M3 Preamplifier Review

The chassis never became more than a little warm to the touch, which encouraged me to leave it powered up most of the time. Just remember: With its large, frame-type power transformer, two hefty output transformers, and a good-sized power-supply choke, this iron-rich preamp is, at 32 lbs, heavier than the norm: A flimsy little shelf just won't do.

Listening Now that I'm done with renovations to my main listening room new hardwood floor, built-in record shelves, a relocated door, miscellaneous cosmetic detailsmy listening habits have evolved footnote 2 : Rather than doing all my listening in just one room, and regularly schlepping lots of associated components in and out, I can now have two very different systems set up more or less permanently, in two different rooms.

In addition to giving me a high-power reference, the EAR and its switchable balanced inputs now allow me to comment on that mode of operation, where applicable. Footnote 1: The original M2 was a very different thing.

It had a single dual triode 6SN7 for both channels' line amplifiers, and two s for phono section gain. It also had switchable global feedback, allowing the user to choose 0dB or 6dB of the stuff. Log in or register to post comments.Audio Note Level 3 system review. Need I say I was very excited to get it going. Unpacking a set of speakers from Audio Note is a pleasure. Cut the top tape, open the top and flip them around. Pulling the box of the speakers and you are ready to go.

Now that is simple! The review sample came in a stunning good looking olive wood with a ton of wooden grain detail, Very beautiful. The lines and assembling was also flawless. I was instructed about how to set them up by Peter Qvortrup. And the approach that Audio Note suggest is so much against the audiophile book that it seemed completely wrong. Yeah, right. That just seems to break all of the speaker setup rules that I am aware of.

But never the less that was what I did. Say what!? Fast, agile and involving. Well I will get on to that a bit later on. The samples I got was in a deep high gloss black. Stunning to behold. Proper grounding and a dedicated power line is a must for such sensitive components. It turned out my M3 had a bit of both hiss and hum, but it was due of bad 6X5 rectifier tube.

After I replaced the tube only minor hiss was audible within a feet away from the tweeters. Nothing to be worried about. Its my standard procedure with tube amplifiers. First impression of the Audio Note M3 phono with the Audio Note Conquest revealed how particular system really has some grunt, lots off headroom and its very well controlled. But never the less it sounded very dramatic and full of impact.

It had lots of information well below 30hz and it was very well controlled. I did consider mixing the M3 and Conquest with other power- and pre amps, but I decided not to. I wanted to hear the system evolve and I wanted to get used to the Audio Note sound as it grow.

The only way to do that is to ONLY listen to the full system over some time. Tonally wise there was more fullness to the music, still not as crisp as my reference. But it was promising that in a matter of only two days a system can already sound like this. Her playing is always exquisite with her music projection getting more and more explosive as the electronics settled down. When she plays the cello in the first movement you can clearly feel she wants to tell us something more other than just the lay down the beauty of the notes.

By now there was only a slight faint sense of the electronics in the background, but I expect it to disappear within the next hours of playing. I just could not resist trying out some bass heavy music with the system. Trentemoeller is a favorite of mine as it can really push any system closer to the limit. Need I say I had a good time?


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