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Federal government websites often end in. The site is secure. Zyka, Andi Email: andi. Zwissler, Sylvia Email: sylvia. Zusman, Rebecca Email: rebecca. Zurita, Martha Email: martha.

Zuress, Laura Email: laurie. Zupko, Elizabeth Email: elly. Zuo, Lora Email: lora. Zummer, Dean Program Specialist Email: dean. Zubeck, Charles Email: charles.

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Zsenyuk, Annette Building Manager Email: annette. Zotian, Laura Email: laura. Zoskey, Ted Email: ted. Zorich, Crystal Email: crystal. Zonis, Alex Email: alex. Zoliana, Lal Email: lal.

Zlatich, Charles Email: brad. Zlab, Jonathan Email: jonathan. Zizzo, Paul Email: paul. Zitzer, Marc Email: marc. Zischkau, Jonathan Email: jonathan. Ziniti, Donald Email: donald. Zingel, Richard Email: richard.

Zinab, Hanan Email: hanan. Zimmerman, Eugene Email: eugene. Zimmerman, Gary Email: gary. Zilberman, Garry Email: garry. Zigler, Joshua Email: joshua.

Ziegler, Jacob Email: jacob. Ziegler, Kevin Email: kevin. Ziegler, Marie Email: marie.There are currently users online.

Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. If so at what point are you considered this? At this point do you have limited police powers, such as arrest, right to carry a firearm off duty? Do any of these qualification transfer over to local LE? Thanks for any help. Tags: None. BOP employees can carry off duty if they qualified each year on the range but must follow local carry laws as far as I know.

bop staff directory

They are considered Federal LEO but have limited arrest powers. They are covered under Federal LEO retirement. Comment Post Cancel. Originally posted by k10 View Post.I saw KBCraig did and listed himself as union official proud. But this is Forum Rules. Welcome to the PrisonOfficer. Org Forums. Home What's New? Get Verified!!!

bop staff directory

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Add Thread to del. Sallyport Staff Directory. Check out the Sallyport Staff Directory.

But this is soooo much better than messing with Groupwise address book. See below for instructions. You can now directly modify your own information; no more filling out forms and waiting! The application was designed with a modular approach which will allow for additional capabilities to be added in the future. To get to the new Staff Directory, follow the "Phone Book" link on the top navigation bar. You will be taken to a page that will give you the choice to use the new Staff Directory or the current Electronic Phone Book.

This choice will continue to exist for a limited period of time to allow Sallyport users to become familiar with the new Staff Directory. Crosstimbers Okie. Re: Sallyport Staff Directory Cool. I'll have to rediscover Sallyport. Ol' Harley is dragging this agency into the 21st Century! Share Share this post on Digg Del.

A Fly came up and kept buzzing about his bald pate, and stinging him from time to time. The Man aimed a blow at his little enemy, but his palm came on his head instead; again the Fly tormented him, but this time the Man was wiser and said: "You will only injure yourself if you take notice of despicable enemies.

Lots of good functions. It allows you to bring up everybody for a specific institution. Re: Sallyport Staff Directory. Originally Posted by cllingo. Yeah, I checked out the new staff directory and it was quite handy. Join Date Mar Posts Originally Posted by gijanetexas. Never argue with idiots. They will take you to their level and beat you with experience. Originally Posted by allall. BossMan Guest. I looked myself up and it lists my title as a "Senior Officer".

No disclosure needed: I'm now a private citizen, and free to speak my mind!There was no immediate reason provided for the departure of Inch, who had just assumed leadership of the country's largest detention system in September. In a brief statement, Attorney General Jeff Sessions thanked Inch for his service wished him "luck in his future endeavors. As director, Inch oversaw detention facilities, 39, staffers andinmates. Hugh J.

For the last year, the Bureau of Prisons has been the focus of a review by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which has been examining allegations of sexual harassment, management retaliation against staffers and staffing shortages.

bop staff directory

Those shortages have routinely thrust nurses, teachers, food service workers and others to take up guard duty in under-staffed prison yards and solitary confinement wings. The moves were made despite repeated warnings that the assignments placed unprepared employees at risk.

It was immediately unclear whether the House examination was related in any way to Inch's resignation. The navigation could not be loaded.Paul is a lifelong member of the United Methodist Church.

Paul has degrees from the University of California, Berkeley B. Paul is married to Renae, who is a clergy member of the California-Nevada conference. They have two daughters, Elana and Daniela. Brian grew up in Virginia and is the son of a United Methodist pastor and an elementary school teacher.

Brian spent several years working in human resources prior to joining the Board of Pensions in He is married with one daughter.

Contact Brian with questions about health insurance, wellness programs, billing issues, or other general benefit areas. Andrea Meek Winchester is an ordained elder in the UMC who retired early when she discerned that the itinerant life would not work for herself and her young family. After ten years of pastoral ministry, she worked a variety of jobs, including a stint as the Administrative Assistant to the Conference Youth and Camping Coordinator, and ten years with the Sacramento Public Library as a librarian assistant.

Currently she is working to earn her certificate as a Primal Health Coach. She loves working for the Board of Pensions, and writing about how health can be promoted throughout our lives, especially into retirement. She is married to the love of her life, Jim, and they have two adult sons, Evan and Ethan. About Us. SuiteSacramento, CA bop bopumc.At Prison Professor, we teach our clients how to make the most of their journey inside.

A successful outcome from an experience with the Bureau of Prisons BOP requires an individual to know how the system operates. By educating our clients on the system, we empower them. Prison administrators can drop our clients into any environment and they will know how to succeed. For those who prefer to study on their own, we provide these independent study lessons. The more you prepare, the more confidence you will have to overcome challenges that accompany every journey through prison.

The Bureau of Prisons is a massive bureaucracy, organized under the Executive Branch of government. The employees work in offices or institutions that are assigned to one of six regions. A Regional Director presides over each of the institutions and employees in his or her region.

The names follow:. The Regional Director who presides over each region will have a series of subordinates who report to him at the regional office.

Those who would like to review the names and locations of the institutions in the various regions may visit the Bureau of Prisons website at:. At Prison Professors, we advise our clients to become familiar with this organizational structure of the Bureau of Prisons. Although a prisoner would rarely interact with a Director or Regional Director, in the event that the prisoner has a problem that he wants to resolve, he will definitely interact with staff members at both the regional level and at the Central Office in Washington DC.

The Administrative Remedy process, described later in this lesson, is the mechanism an inmate will use to express grievances formally. This position is equivalent to an associate warden, which is one level below warden on the hierarchical chart. Wardens must adhere to the Program Statements that we described in a previous lesson. Still, as CEOs, they have enormous discretion within their institutions; Complex Wardens preside over multiple institutions. Our experts at Prison Professor have extensive experience of interacting with Wardens in every type of facility.

All Wardens are least accessible to the inmates who serve time inside of minimum-security camps. In contrast, Wardens who preside over high-security United States Penitentiaries are much more accessible to the inmate population. Inmates who want to interact with the Warden will rarely see him alone. As a bureaucracy, the BOP is filled with layers upon layers of sycophants.

Wherever the Warden steps in the institution, several subordinates and subordinates of subordinates will stand close by to rub shoulders. Those who are new to the prison system may cringe when they see how frequently BOP staff members fawn over the presence of their superiors. Inmates will enjoy a good laugh when they watch staff members in the presence of a Warden for the first time.

The shameless flattery that takes place is absurd. Each institution will have several Associate Wardens and some will have a Camp Administrator. Associate Wardens preside over specific departments within an institution.

For example, an institution will employ the following positions:. If inmates approach members of the Executive Staff, or any staff member, for that matter, they should expect the staff member to speak in a condescending, patronizing tone. Over time, some inmates may garner a modicum of respect, and staff members may recognize a common humanity that they share. But for the most part, at Prison Professor, our experts condition our clients to anticipate those who represent the system to speak in a dehumanizing manner.We highly recommend the service provided by Nordic Visitor who provided excellent front end service by email as my son and I worked with their staff to construct a customized version of the trip.

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bop staff directory

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