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Luciferian bible pdf

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The Principles of Luciferianism

Luciferianism is not a defined religion, but rather a belief system that admires and venerates the characteristics and personality traits exhibited by Lucifer as represented in the literature and the various books of the Hebrew Bible. Although Luciferianism is often confused with Satanism due the fact that Satan is defined as a fallen Lucifer, in reality, Luciferians do not worship Satan in any way and instead model themselves after the original Lucifera character of enlightenment, independence, and progressiveness.

The following list enumerates some of the principles by which Luciferians strive to live. Some items on this list were initially put forward by the Order of the Luciferian Sword and are adapted here with permission. Read more about Luciferianism vs Satanism. Luciferianism is about the seeking of knowledge from both within and without. Luciferians believe that taboos and social expectations should not hamper one from achieving his or her goals. For Luciferians, wealth is not something to be ashamed of.

You are allowed and even encouraged to take pride in your accomplishments and to highlight them. Humans are both rational and physical, according to Luciferianism. One should not be ignored or denigrated in order to prioritize the other, and neither impulse should be denied as corrupt or sinful. Luciferians accept and delight in the so-called pleasures of the flesh.

The Luciferian may be cruel and wrathful to those who have proven themselves worthy of being treated in such a way. There is no burden to treat others better than they deserve, though kindness is not discouraged, either.

Luciferians see no value in large numbers of like-minded believers who may have less than full dedication. The Luciferian path is one that people seek out through self-determination, not one that seeks followers.

The Luciferian respects people of Abrahamic faiths and accepts their beliefs even while disagreeing with them. They strongly disagree with some religious systems that see man's role as one which is entitled to freely use and abuse natural resources. Luciferianism adheres to a Rennaissance attitude when it comes to arts and sciences.

Both creative expression and scientific exploration and understanding are regarded as equally important to mankind as a whole and to our individual personal development. Luciferians do not believe in the Abrahamic religions' doctrine of an afterlife that is paid for by suffering in the present life.

Instead, it is believed that one should live for the present day and make the most of what is here and now. Happiness today is proof that good choices have been made, and there is no expectation that suffering today is necessary for happiness tomorrow. All knowledge is good. Ignorance, however, leads to all sorts of problems: hatred, lack of success, the inability to advance, etc.

Unlike other belief systems in which faith plays a primary role, Luciferians celebrate knowledge of all types as the key to enlightenment and happiness in this life. Each person is responsible for their own fate, which is determined by his or her own talents and efforts.

Finding ways around life's roadblocks is an expected part of life for Luciferians, and overcoming them is cause for pride and happiness. Knowledge is regarded as fluid and subject to revision and change. Hence the Luciferian is encouraged to keep an open mind and be willing to revise his or her ideas of what constitutes truth and understanding. All ideas should be tested for practicality before being adopted as truth, and circumstances may require former "truths" to be abandoned.

Share Flipboard Email. Catherine Beyer. Wicca Expert. Updated October 01, Luciferians model themselves after Lucifer purely by choice, not out of doctrine or expectation.I was once a priest in the Church of Satan, so I have many years of expertise with the satanic and the occult. Eventually, I chose to perceive myself as a Luciferian, for it just did not sound as ominous or negative as being a Satanist.

Well before I take you on the journey to see what this Luciferian Doctrine is all about, we should first study the meaning of the word as it was originally created in Latin. As it has been stated before, this Latin word derives from lucern which means light and ferre which means to bear: in other words, a light bearer. In fact, some will want you to believe that the word Lucifer is nothing more than a type error, that its placement within the Bible was a mistake that had nothing to do with a fallen angel.

For even though the word is only mentioned in the very earliest version of the King James Bible, the word has been used in many other texts and has had a great influence and meaning for many philosophies within the occult.

However, to get a grasp on the depth of this subject, we must travel back to the very beginning of civilization. To start, I would like to ask an important question for you all to ponder. Why do you think Babylon has been such a big deal within the context of the Bible? Why has it been used in metaphor and reference to evil more often than any other nation within the Bible, right up to Revelation? Now if you seriously study the occult as I had for over twenty years of my life, you will see that some of the main sources of influence are Babylon and Egypt.

In fact, I will dare to say that you can find most of the roots to most of the pagan gods, in these two areas of the world. The best way for us to connect the dots and get a complete picture of this mysterious entity which has been called Lucifer is to start in recent times and then work backward.

To do this, let us all head back to the year This is a very important year, for a lot of things were happening at the same time that as strange as it may appear at first, was connected. Timothy Leary was in jail, and the Vietnam war was raging. This is when Anton LaVey officially started his church on May 1st. Anton claimed he was presenting some new concepts but what he was actually doing was reintroducing and repackaging concepts that have its roots in prehistory, or at least far enough back that men have lost track of the detail.

We can, however, track some of the concepts that LaVey used in the Satanic Bible back to other sources that claim to be a translation of a magical text that was said to be associated with an Egyptian mage named Abramelin, or Abra-Melin, who taught a system of magic to Abraham of Worms who was said to be German Jew who lived from c. Now, the interesting part about this is in this book that was said to be connected to the Hebrew Cabala, and it refers to Lucifer.

It is also important to understand that Mathers was one of the founders of the Golden Dawn. This magical order has become one of the most influential organizations in modern occultism.Luciferian bible pdf keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website.

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luciferian bible pdf

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Why a “Free” Satanic Bible is Unsatanic

Thus, Lucifer revealed, is the initiator by fire and the creator of the Left Hand Path. Lucifer, as being the shadow form of our imagination, thus Shaitan the Adversary, gives. Keyword Suggestions. Luciferian bible pdf Home Luciferian bible pdf. Luciferian bible pdf keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website Search Domain.

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The return of the worlds master builder. Unfortunately this is the only way to read this booklet online at this time. Both personal and impersonal or individual and non-individual, as any other thing in nature, and as we want it. In fact he is the thing and the individual in third person. If one is in possession of the necessary keys or knowledge of his unfolding, one can unchain him, evoke or call him forth; but if not in possession of these, one must be content with having him in spirit, disembodied, and according to the written description of him.

LUCIFER in his own image, is not the foolish character some have wanted to turn him into, but a true physical reality, though of a semi-material nature. Just like the creative force in the immaterial, abstract, disembodied yet nevertheless functional nature inspires contemplation and exploration, so does energy in form of matter transforming into life — that, to us humans, is the most positive, and a substitute of the abstract, functional part of nature — also deserve attention.

What follows from that, is that PAN is not the unimportant character — who man in his, for the most part, childish and naive imagination has wanted to turn him into — who allow humans to play tricks on him at pleasure.

The Worship of Him, the hunted Wolf, has its justification. And to make Him, the injured, come to, and re-possess his lost position, is it that I contribute this writing, and hereby recommend it to the good will of my readers. The Neo-Luciferian Manifesto. A goddess unifiedwith her god —a creative force in the universe.

Lucifer is god in a timewithout gods. Lucifer is the deity of illumination, education and insight. The Neo-Luciferian Church celebrates the strong, illumined man, unafraid of insight — even when this insight is in opposition to common norms.

Lucifer is the deity of pride. Lucifer represents pride, self-esteem and knowledge of your own worth. The fear of success and the fear of standing out from the gray masses, are tokens of weakness. The mediocre is not a golden middle way, but a symptom of lack of self-esteem — a forerunner of jealousy against, and condemnation of, those who are doing well.

The creative, producing and communicating individual contributes to the evolution of the world.Luciferianism is a belief system that venerates the essential characteristics that are affixed to Lucifer.

The tradition, influenced by Gnosticismusually reveres Lucifer not as the devil, but as a destroyer, a guardian, light bringer or guiding spirit to darkness, [1] or even the true god as opposed to Jehovah.

Later Christian tradition came to use the Latin word for "morning star", luciferas a proper name "Lucifer" for the Devil ; as he was before his fall. However, according to both Christian [21] and Jewish exegesisin Chapter 14 of the Book of Isaiahthe King of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar IIconqueror of Jerusalem, is condemned in a prophetic vision by the prophet Isaiah and is called the "Morning Star" planet Venus.

Though associated with Satanisma philosophy based on the Christian interpretation of the fallen angelLuciferianism differs in that it does not revere merely the devil figure or Satan but the broader figure of Luciferan entity representing various interpretations of "the morning star" as understood by ancient cultures such as the Greeks and Egyptians.

Luciferians generally support the protection of the natural world. Both the arts and sciences are crucial to human development and thus both are cherished. Luciferians think that humans should be focused on this life and how to make the most of it every single day. The ability to recognize both good and evil, to accept that all actions have both positive and negative consequences, and to actively influence one's environment is a key factor.

The Luciferian philosophy in recent years has been defined in a collective foundation, known as the "11 Luciferian Points of Power", [28] authored by Michael W. The basis of Luciferian philosophy cultivates and encourages individuality, self-determined choices based on strategic application and continually seeking to enhance the Will via overcoming challenges. Luciferianism is philosophically practiced with the continual cycle and process known as Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis.

For Luciferians, enlightenment is the ultimate goal. The basic Luciferian principles highlight truth and freedom of will, worshipping the inner self and one's ultimate potential.

Traditional dogma is shunned as a basis for morality on the grounds that humans should not need deities or fear of eternal punishment to distinguish right from wrong and to do good. All ideas should be tested before being accepted, and even then one should remain skeptical because knowledge and understanding are fluid. Regardless of whether Lucifer is conceived of as a deity or as a mere archetype, he is a representation of ultimate knowledge and exploration as well as humanity's savior and a champion for continuing personal growth.

Theistic Luciferians believe in Lucifer as an actual deity. However, Lucifer is not worshipped as the Judeo-Christian God but is revered and followed as a teacher and friend. Theistic Luciferians are followers of the Left-Hand Path and may adhere to different dogmata put forth by organizations such as the Neo-Luciferian Church or other congregations which are heavily focused on ceremonial magicthe occultand literal interpretations of spiritual stories and figures.

The Luciferian label—in the sense of Lucifer-worshipper—was first used in the Gesta Treverorum in for a religious circle led by a woman named Lucardis Luckhardis. It was said that in private she lamented the fall of Lucifer Satan and yearned for his restoration to heavenly rule. The sect was exposed by Conrad of Marburg and the Papal Inquisition. The bull contains a detailed description of supposed rites and beliefs. This description was repeated and occasionally expanded in the following centuries, but "modern historiography agrees on their entirely fictitious nature".

In the 14th century, the term Luciferians was applied to what appear to have been Waldensians. In —, when some four hundred Luciferians from Brandenburg and Pomerania were brought before the inquisitor Peter Zwickerhe exonerated them of devil-worship and correctly identified them as Waldensians. At the same time, the inquisitor Antonio di Settimo in Piedmont believed the local Waldensians to be Luciferians.

Lucifer the Lightbearer was an individualist anarchist journal published in the United States by Moses Harman in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It has been reported that "[t]he title was selected, stated Harman, because it expressed the paper's mission.

Lucifer, the name given to the morning star by the people of the ancient world, served as the symbol of the publication and represented the ushering in of a new day.

He declared that freethinkers had sought to redeem and glorify the name Lucifer while theologians cursed him as the prince of the fallen angels.The Roman Empire's cult of Mithra assimilated many of the Persian pantheon including Ahriman often interchangeable to some degree with Zurvan or Aion. Zaehner explained the Mithra-cult and the later identification with Ahriman as "The Prince of this world".

He stands upon the earth, meaning Mastery of the Earth, his legs bear the Zodiac signs, his wings give mastery of the element Air, his key is to Hades or Knowledge, the left hand is the scroll of universal wisdom, the serpent represents immortality and knowledge. The Deo Aremanios inscription on many of the Lion-headed Mithraic statues offers clues to the extent of the Ahrimanian cultists in Mithraic temples in the Roman Empire.

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Satanists also commonly use the names interchangeably. Luciferians, however, do not, nor does the Bible. While Satan is mentioned throughout the Bible, Lucifer is mentioned only once, in Isaiah :.

And if that doesn't sound very Satanic, that's because it isn't. It is addressing Nebuchadnezzarking of the Babylonians, who destroyed the First Temple and exiled the Jews more than years ago. Kings commonly have a variety of titles, and "morning star" was one of his.

It is a prophecy of the destruction of the enemies of the Jews. The planet Venus is commonly called the morning star.

luciferian bible pdf

In Latin, the morning star Venus was sometimes referred to as Lucifer, literally "bringer of light. It is this concept of light-bringer that Luciferians embrace. For them, Lucifer is a being that brings out enlightenment in those who truly seek it. He is not external power that hands out knowledge so much as one who assists a seeker in bringing it out of himself.

Balance is also a significant component of the concept of Lucifer. He is both spiritual and carnal, as are humans, according to Luciferians. He is moderation over extremes. He is both the light and the darkness, as you cannot have one without the other, and there are lessons to be learned from both.

Some Luciferians consider Lucifer an actual being, while others consider him entirely symbolic. Lucifer does have many qualities that make him similar to the Satan of Satanists although not to the Satan of Judeo-Christianity. Lucifer represents creativity, freedom, perfection, development, exploration, and knowledge through experience over accepted truths.

luciferian bible pdf

He represents rebellion from dogma and other elements of control. Some describe Lucifer and Satan as being two sides of the same coin; one being with multiple aspects. How you view him depends upon your spiritual goals and understanding.

Satan is the more rebellious and confrontational figure. Luciferians generally see Satanists as primarily resisting something Christianity specifically and dogmatic religion in general while Luciferians walk their own path independent of any other religion. Luciferians explain this concept as saying that it is all about perspective.

Many believe that while Lucifer and Satan may be the same being, in Luciferian he is not Satan because that name denotes 'the enemy. Satan originally wasn't a name but a description. He was the adversary, challenging the Hebrews to lose faith. Luciferians criticize Satanists as being overly focused on resisting Christianity and viewing themselves in terms opposing Christianity.


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