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Rtl sdr gsm hack

JoJoshicage / 14.12.2020

Please note multiple researchers published and compiled this work. The idea is to collect information like the BMW article below, that slowly gets cleared and wiped up from the Internet — making it less accessible, and harder to find.

Feel free to email me any document or link to add. Resiliency, customization and technology independence are the main attributes of YateBTS.

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Certainly worth bookmarking for If some one wishes expert view concerning running a blog then We are a group of volunteers and starting a brand new Pretty nice post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wishedThe problem with home automation and security systems is the lack of standardization — or rather, the large number of often incompatible standards used to ensure consumers get tied in to one specific system.

He has shared the result of his efforts at getting the two to talk to each other via his project decode Unfortunately for [Dan], this exhaustive list does not yet include support for the not very popular MHz protocol used by the Honeywell system, hence his project. The punchline is a method of listening to both the uplink and downlink channels for a pittance. His presentation bears this out, and is a great overview of GSM hacking from to the present. The impetus for Multi-RTL comes out of this work as well.

Getting two RTL-SDR modules to operate in phase is as easy as desoldering a crystal from one and slaving it to the other. Aligning the two absolutely in time required a very sweet hack. It turns out that the absolute timing is retained after a frequency switch, so both RTL-SDRs switch to the same channel, lock together on a single signal, and then switch back off, one to the uplink frequency and the other to the downlink.

Then there would have been an array of power supply units to provide continued working during power outages, probably with an associated bank of lead-acid cells. More recent repeaters have been commercial repeater units. The big radio manufacturers have spotted a market in amateur radio, and particularly as they have each pursued their own digital standards there has been something of an effort to provide repeater equipment to drive sales of digital transceivers. But what if you fancy setting up a simple repeater and you have neither a shed full of old radios or a hotline to the sales department of a large Japanese manufacturer?

Radio telescopes are one of the more high-profile pieces of scientific apparatus. You might think if you look at the Arecibo Observatory, Lovell Telescope, or other famous pieces of apparatus, that this is Big Science, out of reach for mere mortals such as yourself without billion-dollar research programs. It used a satellite TV dish and LNB feeding a signal meter as a simple telescope to detect the Sun, and black body radiation from the surrounding objects.

This is one of those projects on Hackaday. Keep them coming! A thank you to Southgate ARC for the prod. He found it to be a simple on-off keying scheme, with bits expressed through differing pulse widths. He was then able to create a Gnu Radio project to read and decode them in real time. Emulating the transmitter was then a fairly straightforward process of generating a MHz clock using the on-board PLL and gating it with his generated data stream to provide modulation. The result was able to control his fan with a short wire antenna, indeed he was worried that it might also be doing so for other similar fans in his apartment complex.

You can take a look at his source code on GitHub if you would like to try something similar. It will also be breaking all the rules set out by whoever the spectrum regulator is where you live, despite its low power.The punchline is a method of listening to both the uplink and downlink channels for a pittance.

His presentation bears this out, and is a great overview of GSM hacking from to the present. The impetus for Multi-RTL comes out of this work as well. Getting two RTL-SDR modules to operate in phase is as easy as desoldering a crystal from one and slaving it to the other.

Aligning the two absolutely in time required a very sweet hack. It turns out that the absolute timing is retained after a frequency switch, so both RTL-SDRs switch to the same channel, lock together on a single signal, and then switch back off, one to the uplink frequency and the other to the downlink. Over a decade ago, I remember wiring a small speaker and some leds together with an old pp3 to act as a pre warning device for calls and texts :D.

Works like a charm. I miss being able to predict my texts via my powered speakers…I was just discussing this a few days back with some folks and used this video as an example. Small world.

Not that this will be very useful given that most people use 3G or 4G rather than the old 2G system these days. Also, even 3G and 4G devices can fall back to 2G, and an active attacker can arrange just that by clever use of selective jamming. Finally, in an era of IoT and M2M shit, 2G is far from being decommissioned, actually some networks decommission 3G, since those devices can still fall back to 2G, but not the other way around. Succinctly put! It looks like you will have to carry 3 phoned around with different carriers to get coverage everywhere possible.

Just wandering what I would be able to do with that. I am just starting to play with these. I have my first device coning in any day now.

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Thank you for your time. And great job. It is better to not connect both pins of the crystal. Connect the ground of both boards together, then connect the xtal out from the board with the crystal to the xtal in of the board without.

5 Cool Things You Can Do With An RTL SDR Receiver

Otherwise both oscillators may fight each other, resulting in strange artefacts in the received signal. Beautiful hack. GSM is obviously not used much anymore in the developed world, but what about in poorer countries? Do they still use GSM a lot?

Here in Ireland I often drop down to 2G. Now where I life in Ireland the west is pretty undeveloped for western Europe, but still, even here in the city it often drops. By the way LTE is a completely separate data-only network. Very annoying when tethering to my phone.

There is a movement now for IoT services to run on narrow bands in along with LTE or perhaps in a separate band altogether.

So IoT M2M is on flux right now. The advantage of Narrow Band is that it requires far less power but for now things are stuck with wide band.

LTE represents a networking structure that is loosely related to a modulation schema but can change over time and can be on any chosen band. So, at least in my country, right now 3G is the only current and practical solution for IoT M2M connectivity and it will be phased out in about 4 years time. Also, does this still works? I red somewhere that key is not sent in same package so it doesnt work. Not sure if its true.I have been working on Telecom Security and Software defined radio since a few months and I noticed that there are very limited resources on the internet for beginners who want to get into telecom security.

Not many people from security industry are into this and very less information has been shared online. I would be sharing here whatever I have gained in past few months in a series of blog posts.

According to Wikipedia, Software-defined radio SDR is a radio communication system where components that have been typically implemented in hardware e. In simple terms, It refers to a technique in which all the processing is done in software.

The processing mentioned include mixing, filtering, demodulation etc. We can use a SDR to capture airwaves when tuned to a particular frequency. The range of frequency it can capture and the bandwidth differs with different SDR devices. GSM operates on a set of pre-defined frequencies designated by International Telecommunication union for the operation of GSM mobile phones. In India, we use two bands which are shaded in yellow in the above picture.

For sniffing, first we need to identify the GSM downlink channels. Here we would be sniffing GSM data for our own phone so we would need to know upon what frequency it is operating on. In GSM cellular networks, an absolute radio-frequency channel number ARFCN is a code that specifies a pair of physical radio carriers used for transmission and reception in a land mobile radio system, one for the uplink signal and one for the downlink signal.

They are using different encoding and encryption schemes and we can cover them later.

GSM Sniffing On A Budget With Multi-RTL

We can clearly see the GSM Stream bits on that frequency. This will give us confirmation about our downlink channel. We can use kalibrate-rtl tool to scan GSM frequencies around us. Here also we can see our downlink channel and it also gives us the offset value which will help us calibrate our SDR better. Whatever data which the SDR is receiving is just raw data which makes no sense. Now start wireshark simultaneously and we would start seeing the GSM data packets in the wireshark.

We can also filter out Gsmtap packets. This is a system Information type 3 packet. Information needed by the MS for cell selection and reselection is broadcasted with the help of this.

All the data channels are almost always encrypted using a stream cipher A5 used to provide over-the-air communication privacy in the GSM cellular telephone standard. We can only see some of the control channels above which were not encrypted. All the calls and messages are encrypted using an encryption key Kc which is generated after an authentication mechanism by Authentication Center AUC which follows a challenge-response authentication model. The Ki or Kc is never exchanged over network, therefore making it impossible to sniff encryption keys over the air.

Moreover, the Kc changes before each call is setup. It means for every call, there would be a different encryption key. However, older version of A5 can be cracked if we have enough computation power.

Kraken is the tool that can be used for this. Even if the operator is using new and strong encryption algorithm, sometimes It is possible to force the operator to switch to a weaker encryption algorithm. During telecom security vulnerability assessments, it was found that, sometimes operators turn off encryption schemes completely when the load on the network increases so that they can reduce overhead traffic and can accommodate more users easily.

This is the most common attack vector that have been used since years by different hacker groups and Intelligence agencies.First of all I want to emphasize that my work has followed an interesting blog that treats this topic of cracking GSM really good, but I think that some explanation details can be explained in a better way to solve some important problems that I have come across during the developement of this task and that are not so simple to solve as in a beginning one could think.

rtl sdr gsm hack

I also recommend to read all the related topics about GSM that are explained in the rtl-sdr. To setup all the necessary software you will need to perform this task, so I had followed this link. I have to alert you that some linux distributions may not be able to get airprobe working. In my case I tried first to get airprobe at ubuntu It comes with some radio features that enhance the experience of anyone who likes sniffing diferent types of signals.

Once you have this software opened, look for gnuradio packets and install all of them. This is the best way of installing gnuradio because the system will compile all the necessary scripts without any problem and all the related packets will be installed too.

After installing gnuradio and check that it works well, the next step is to install the gqrx software by the same way I have described you to install gnuradio. After getting gqrx running correctly, you will have to compile airprobe software using the steps at the link above, and if all goes well you will have to get it working correctly without any problem.

But in our case, we will use this tool to identify the most powerful GSM channels in our area. But to make some ideas is good to read it. Recommendation: All of the above documents are available to download freely for everyone but in case some links become broken, I recommend anyone who is interested in to contact me and I send the documents which I have previously downloaded.

Steps to crack your own android phone calls and SMS messages using a Samsung device:. In samsung devices with a Stock ROM, when you connect via USB the device to your computer, it will be recognized as a Modem as well as an ADB interface in case you have the ADB downloaded and installed in your computer and as a folder with files like images, songs and videos too.

In the case you have a Samsung device, you are lucky today!!! So you can be able to get this running until the step I have reached in case you follow my blog. I will also be really happy if someone could tell me why the Stock ROMs of Samsung make possible the characteristic of being treated as a Modem, so if someone is an expert of the android system I would really be very happy if you contact with me my mail is in the about page of this blog.

rtl sdr gsm hack

A new menu will appear and enter Telephone information. Make sure that your option is selected and go back. So you have to enter to advanced options to change it. We use this tool to get the maximum signal strength in a certain moment.

Using device 0: ezcap USB 2. GSM chan: 74 Do a google search for your country and for sure you will get success. Another thing that you must take into account is that airprobe is only able to decode the GSM downlink frequency channel.

So after identifing your own service provider frequency range, you have to look for those frequencies in Kalibrate tool that are inside the range of your service provider. These numbers can be used to place in a map the BTS towers you are using at a specified moment. This number is the one that is assigned to your phone when it is paged and is going to comunicate with the BTS tower.

So this is the number that the BTS will use to identify your mobile device.Theoretically, GSM has been broken sincebut the limitations of hardware at the time meant cell phone calls and texts were secure from the prying ears of digital eavesdroppers and all but the most secret government agencies.

Since then, the costs of hardware have gone down, two terabytes of rainbow tables have been published, and all the techniques and knowledge required to listen in on cell phone calls have been available. The only thing missing was the hardware. From there, the attacker listens to the GSM signals in the cell, receiving bursts attached to a TMSI, and cracking the encrypted stream using 1.

But It does offer an opportunity for a black hat to have yet another attack vector. More scary is the ability to just capture all of the data stream even in encrypted form for later use.

Actually thinking about it my wristwatch is only 2G. But I use that more for watching videos on. Your phone falls back to GSM as soon as 3G is not available because of bad signal or someone jamming its frequencies.

It got discovered when somebody gave Ian Goldberg a crypto grad student at Berkeley a copy of the crypto code to evaluate. He took a look at it over lunch time, and it took three hours to crack instead of two because the Chinese restaurant was having the good lunch special that day instead of the boring one.

So, if you ever receive a Tan without requesting it yourself, immediately check your bank account. Too bad the information is incomplete. The script which actually gets the TMSI is not available…. The best setup I think would be a gpu server which you send the data off to for crack and decryption with SSDs serving the tables.

Eventually as gpu core numbers increase an ram sizes make a 1.

rtl sdr gsm hack

Of course there is. That is what the tables are for a time memory cracking. You can take a long time to crack and use little memory or you can pre-calculate part of the process to speed things up, but you need storage for this.

Cracking HW still costs far more. Switching to 3G right now…. I hate to be a spoil-sport, but receiving cell signals that are not intended for you is illegal in the US. Even listening to that portion of the spectrum is illegal. Being in possession of such a device, though, is not illegal i. Actually using it is not illegal, either, but attempting to break the encryption on the received data is illegal.

Also, it only covers a narrow range of frequencies that were used for AMPS. Modern cell phones can and do use frequencies outside that band. Monitoring of any and all frequencies is not illegal, as per the original US Communications Act, which established the FCC and gave it domain over the operation of all the radio spectrum, commercial broadcasting and the telephone companies. What is illegal and what you get in trouble for is taking information from the conversation or data being monitored either content of conversations, and attempt to exploit the information for monetary or other personal gain.

People have also been prosecuted for using information to speculate in the stocks and bonds markets for instance. Massive, huge amount of people complain to their network. Network presumably turns on some debugging tech in their towers that triangulates the jammer. Cops turn up sharpish. I wonder how many of those jammers get sold online?

And how many are ever used?The ability to hack some GSM signals has been around for some time now, but the steps to reproduce the hack have been long and difficult to set up. Bastien writes about his software:. I put quotation marks in crack because my software is not enough to deciphered GSM itself. My software can make some steps of the known-plaintext attack, introduce by Karsten Nohl, and by the way, increase the time to decipher an SMS or call.

Actually my software can extract Keystream or try to find some of them from a capture file of GSM, or by sniffing GSM with a rtl-sdr device. This hack is very interesting! With only a little receiver rtl-sdr and some hard-disk capacity 2Tbeveryone can try to hack the GSM. Moreover the success rate is really great if you guess the Keystream correctly. This is how Topguw was born.

Topguw, I hope, will sensitize people about risk they take by calling or sending sms with GSM. My software is currently in beta version but I did run several time and I got good results. Maybe better than something done by hand. But Topguw is made to help people who want to learn the hack.

This is why several files are made to help GSM reverse-engineering. Bastien has also uploaded a video showing his software in action.

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