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Mataur / 29.12.2020

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Patch Notes - Megapatch 2 Two. Hello, everyone! We plan to release this sometime inso make sure to keep an eye out! We see no way that this can backfire. Of course, like the other megapatch, Megapatch 2 Dos will change nearly every aspect of the game. New Surface Zone.

Important update regarding Scopophobia! Hello, everyone. Coming this March - Scopophobia. If you haven't watched the teaser yet, go ahead and give it a look! This was an experimental teaser, and the general public response is that it was hyped up too much - we'll be keeping this fact closely in mind for future reveals.

Now, we're finally ready to tell you about what we've been working on. Scopophobia is Secret Laboratory's next major update.

scp cassie

Assuming no delays, it'll be releasing this March as soon as it's ready. Featuring the return of old faces as well as a huge overhaul to one of our existing SCPs, it's one of our largest updates yet, and one we hope will improve the game in every aspect. Without further ado, let's move onto what can be expected later this month.

Feature List. Youtube Banner Contest Winner! Hello everyone! Devlog 2 is now live! We've just premiered our second developer log on our official YouTube channel, describing future plans, our new release schedule, and what's to come. If you'd like to know what our next steps are, come pay us a visit! YouTube Banner Artwork Contest. We are holding an event where members can create and submit a banner that would be used on our official YouTube channel.

If you would like to participate, please post your submission to the artwork section OR some other image sharing website such as Imgur.

How to Make Cassie say "REEE" (SCP:SL)

Reply with a link in the announcement discussion to your submission. Submissions would then be forwarded to our discord and then be voted on by the community.Author: Fantem. Credit goes to photoutopia for the first picture. Credit goes to Sabina Stan for creating the mask for the second picture, and Justin More, for posing for the second picture.

And, of course, thank you. I wouldn't keep coming back if it weren't for you. Detailed information is restricted to personnel with Level, or status. SCP personnel are to remain on the premises of SiteB or SiteC unless either under an emergency or during the week of October 31st 1.

SCP personnel are expected to perform their duties as they did while under regular employment. SCP personnel who do so will risk termination. New SCP personnel are to be given an uncensored copy of this document as a required reading. There must be at least fifteen personnel with SCP status 2. Secure Holding Cell is to be equipped with a filtered ventilation system, and standard furnishings.

Communication with SCP should be restricted to physical and psychological treatment only. Staff are to observe standard toxic material handling protocols, and wear appropriate hazard suits over their current clothing while handling SCP Bandages over SCP's left eye should be replaced once every two days. SCP is 1.


SCP's hands and feet show abnormal pigmentation, and its left eye has been removed. The subject's epidermis is currently detaching in the facial region, and despite exposure of hypodermis and dermis, shows no sign of infection or blood loss, aside from several cuts around the left eye socket. The novelty bunny ears appear to be of normal composition; however, their removal appears to cause discomfort in the subject.

Bunny ears, along with cat, fox, wolf, and rat ears, are an interchangeable piece of the uniform for female employees. Several novelty ears have been taken for testing.The Light Containment Zone is the first zone encountered in the game. It is characterized by its high roofed, concrete architecture.

In order to get through the Light Containment's checkpointa lever must be flipped in the surveillance room in order to lift the lockdown off the zone, granting access to the Heavy Containment Zone. The Class-D cells are specialized cells that each hold a Class-D test subject. Each cell contains a small table, sink, toilet, and a single bed. During the introduction, the player will wake up inside one of the cells. A sequence will play showing the player waking up and getting out of the bed.

The Class-D Orientation Leaflet can be found on the table, which the player must pick up and read. Upon doing so, Agent Ulgrin will open the door and tell the player to follow him. If the player refuses to leave the cell, the guard will then close the door and open the gas valve in the room, killing them.

It is also here where you can hear the PA System make announcements. A third guard can be seen at the end of the block, listening to music through his helmet. This chamber consists of two rooms connected to each other. The first main hall contains a guard balcony and a large window to the control room; the second room is the containment chamber for SCP and is protected by a blast door. This room is where the game's intro takes place. Upon entering the room, the containment chamber opens and Security Chief Franklinwho can be found in the observation room on the catwalk, tells all Class-D personnel to enter the chamber via the intercom.

If the player refuses to enter the second room once it opens, Franklin will order the guard to shoot the player. The main containment chamber is where the player first encounters SCP, seen in the far left corner of the chamber.

scp cassie

Soon after entering the chamber, the blast door will malfunction, causing it to open and not respond to attempts to close it. Immediately after, a site-wide blackout will occur. The player will be required to escape from the room after SCP has killed the two Class-D personnel, as well as the guard on the balcony.

A vent can be found on the ground near the exit to the room, indicating that SCP used the ventilation system to escape the room. This office is a 2-level room which only appears during the game's opening. It is situated next to SCP's chamber, with the two being separated by a small transition room.

The office contains several work desks and filing cabinets, as well as two doors that each lead further into the complex. A catwalk hangs overhead leading from the Class-D cells to the transition room.

Said room contains three doors: two leading to the office and SCP's chamber and the third being inaccessible. It also contains a CCTV monitor which overlooks a security camera placed on the underside of the catwalk in the office.

This is the last room the player sees while being escorted to SCP's chamber. When traveling across the room's catwalk, a scientist can be seen working in a cubicle and Security Chief Franklin can be spotted walking under the catwalk towards the control room to SCP's chamber. Upon reaching the transition room Agent Ulgrin will give the player SCP's document and tell them to follow the instructions on the intercom.

After the breach starts, the player can head back to this room and go down to the lower level.It is their job to keep the staff of Site safe from breaches, fires, Chaos Insurgency or biological threats.

scp cassie

If any of those threats are detected. CASSIE began operation in March of and function as a simple PA system that could act on its own to put out fires or detected a disease outbreak within staff. One can also changed the pitch of these custom announcements, add glitch sound effects and even make CASSIE stutter on a word.

The word will be skipped. Such as anti-fire protocols, lockdown protocols and Anti-SCP protocols. All remaining personnel are advised to proceed with standard evacuation protocols until an MTF squad reaches your destination. Awaiting re-containment of: [ ] SCP subject s. All remaining personnel are advised to proceed with standard evacuation protocols, until MTF squad has reached your destination, substantial threat to safety is within the facility -- exercise caution.

If SCP is killed by the femur breaker CASSIE will not announce the containment unit as the femur breaker and instead will list the containment unit as the class who activated the femur breaker. File:SCP Telsa. File:SCP Decon.

Central Automatic System for Internal Emergencies (C.A.S.S.I.E.) System

File:SCP warhead. SCP successfully terminated using generator recontainment sequence. File:SCP death by generators. File:Termination Cause Unspecified. X out of 5 generators activated. All generators have been successfully engaged. Finalizing recontainment sequence. Heavy Containment Zone overcharge in t minus, 1 minute. Overcharge in 3 2 1. CASSIE will announce the activation, reactivation and deactivation of the nuke, plus the time until detonation.

Alpha Warhead Emergency Detonation Sequence engaged. The underground section of the facility will be detonated in t minus seconds. Detonation cancelled, restarting systems. File:Cancel Warhead. When the nuke is reactivated after being cancelled seconds left : Detonation Sequence resumed, t minus, seconds.

Detonation Sequence resumed, t minus, 90 seconds. Detonation Sequence resumed, t minus, 80 seconds. Detonation Sequence resumed, t minus, 70 seconds. Detonation Sequence resumed, t minus, 60 seconds.Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch. Category : SCPs. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View View source Logs. This page was last edited on 6 Aprilat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. When within range of the composition, forcibly draws the victim towards itself, making them cut their wrist in an attempt to finish it using their own blood. A mask capable of transferring its conscious onto any victim which wears it. In this instance it is worn by a scientist in its containment chamber.

Offers the player freedom in exchange for its release. Capable of killing a victim with the touch of its hand. Performs surgery on the victim afterwards to turn them into SCP Produces random effects and behaviors with no visible pattern.

Often says " Eric? Creates loud blaring sounds when near CCTV monitors. Attempts to halt the player's progress through varied means. Capable of traversing through solid matter. Catches victims and takes them to its Pocket Dimension. Can be combined with the gas maskballistic vest or hazmat suit via SCP in order to create heavy variants of each equipment.

Light Containment Zone

Heals wounds, but also transforms the subject into a shapeless mass of flesh after keeping it equipped for a long time. Unlocks and causes any door to open into SCP Causes electronic equipment to malfunction. Victims within range of said equipment can die due to auditory or visual feeds.

Humanoid entities that are only visible when using the night vision goggles. Replica of SCP made entirely out of human ears. Will screech when close to the player, causing ear-like growths to begin forming all over their body leading to asphyxiation. If touched the victim will enter a dissociative fugue, psychogenic state and adopt the identity and memories of a random human being.

High intensity narcotic. Stops blood loss and nausea. Anomalous Ducks. The ending screen checklist contains a "Recontained SCP" task which is always checked off. This implies that D had encountered SCP and re-contained it before forgetting the encounter. A heavily redacted document regarding recovered materials from SCP can be found. Mentioned in the document found inside the control room for SCP 's containment chamber.SCP is to be contained in a single chalk-white bond drawing pad in a secure containment facility.

Supervised contact with SCP is unrestricted to all personnel with Level-2 access. All personnel coming into contact with SCP are subject to searches and random psych analysis upon entering or leaving the containment area. Absolutely no paper or canvas media are allowed to exit SCP's containment room: any paper trash must be disposed of by incineration after careful inspection.

Paper and art supplies are to be brought in only by authorized personnel. In case of fire, flames are smothered using a rapid atmospheric-replacement and CO2-dumping system. Personnel are advised to quickly secure an oxygen mask and tank from the wall at the first sign of smoke or fire to prevent asphyxiation, as this procedure cannot be halted until all fires are suppressed.

Further attempts to duplicate this result have been unsuccessful. SCP prefers to be called 'Cassy. Although her voice is inaudible, she has learned to communicate with SCP Foundation personnel through sign language and writing. SCP may be communicated with by writing text on the paper she exists on. Personnel report that she is amicable and motivated, albeit lonely. SCP can interact with any drawn object on the same page as if it were real. For example, she is able to wear drawn clothing, drive sketched cars, and drink painted beverages.

Except for animals and people, any drawn object becomes animated when in contact with SCP, but immediately ceases and holds position once out of contact. Artwork initially depicted as in motion such as ocean waves and swaying trees animate to an equilibrium state and stay at rest until acted upon by SCP SCP has also demonstrated the ability to transfer from one sheet or image to another, as long as the two are flush.

In the event SCP enters a picture that does not support drawn objects such as a repeating patternthe picture is converted to a background image. SCP perceives the picture as an endless plane of the image drawn upon it. At the present time, SCP can only exist upon paper or canvas surfaces: SCP cannot transfer onto photos, cardboard, glass, or parchment. When entering other pieces of art, SCP takes on the artistic style of her new environment whether it be a comic book, an oil painting, watercolor, or charcoal sketching.

Note: in comic form, her voice is visible as thought and voice bubbles around her head in typical comic fashion, and as she moves between panels the perspective and her relative size are altered appropriately.

Researcher : Cassandra, this is known as "Ascending and Descending". What do you think? Would make a neat exercise track.Her cadmium yellow 5 hair cascades down over her shoulders as she sits down in the corner of the canvas, looking up into the white expanse of blank gesso, her slender legs crossed at the ankles.

Her arms are crossed, and there is a desperation to her as she kicks her feet back and forth, expectantly. She doesn't respond much to that, except to sigh and lean against the bench, sighing. She scratches an itch, pulling up her ultramarine dress a bit, and I see a slight flash of white panty.

I wonder whether I should tell her about that. Probably best not to mention it. My paints are ready, my palette prepared, my brushes are all arranged. I pin up the photograph of the lakeside view next to the canvas, and spend a moment just drinking in the sight of that beautiful mountain view. It was a photograph I'd taken ten years ago, as a teenager, on a camping trip up in the Sierra Nevadas.

I'd been with Rachael back then: lovely Rachael with the girl-next-door eyes and the face of an angel, lovely Rachael who had crept into my tent while the others were asleep and put her finger to my lips, kissing me softly as she crept into my sleeping bag, lovely Rachael who now lived somewhere in Sacramento, a lobbyist for Greenpeace now, and I wonder, as I sketch the outlines of the mountains and trees, whether or not she sometimes looks out at the forests that she fights so hard to protect and remembers, with a smile, the night when she crept into the tent of her classmate wearing a t-shirt and panties and made love to him to the sound of chirping crickets and falling water.

My pencil dances across the canvas with reckless abandon, as it always does when my muse strikes, when the left-side brain shuts down and lets my right-side brain flow freely, when eye and hand and pencil work in perfect harmony. Memories of the time that the man in the black tie had come to me and told me that he'd read my paper on folklore and myth, being told that I had the opportunity to save the world.

Memories of the first missions I went on, the first times I was asked to handle a containment situation. The hands that now held pencil and eraser had once been red with the blood of a close friend, Maggie Lyndon, Dr.

Maggie Lyndon, torn in half due to a single moment's indiscretion with Six-Eighty Two, the red of her blood deeper and darker than any cadmium red that my paints could mix. It is not sadness that I feel, but regret, regret for the diamond ring that still stays in my safe deposit box, that I never got to give to her. If only I were as cold and hard-hearted as some of my colleagues. I cannot drink away my problems, nor can I effect the same cold-hearted dismissal of death that Dr.

Clef or Kondraki can. My mother had always told me that, as the youngest, I was the most sensitive of her children. Indeed, although my career was found in science, I had always found solace in art, and it was in art that the Overseers decided that I should find my solace now.

Removed from the Keter-level projects, I was told that there was another SCP that had need of my unique talents. As always, the time passes quickly, and by the time I am finished with the sketch, an hour has passed without my knowing.

scp cassie

Cassy is rapt with attention, smiling with delight at the faint outlines of the mountains, the lake, the dock and the small cabin. I put down my pencil now and take up my palette and brushes. With broad strokes of my widest brush, I lay down my base colors: deep, dark blue for the water, brown for the mountains, pale cerulean for the sky. I move quickly, for Cassy is impatient, but I am careful to pace myself, to slow myself down and really see what is there before I place it on the canvas.

Under my brush, the mountains slowly come alive, the flat browns giving way to deep, craggy peaks capped with snow, then bursting forth in greenery as the pine trees explode over their craggy sides. Down low, I take some time to paint out some more details on the closer trees: the broken branch on one, the bent trunk on another, the slight hint of wood rot in a third. Closer in, closer to Cassie, I take some time to paint in the slightly dry grass in darker greens, dabbing in a little bright yellow to form the budding flowers of mustard.

Even as I begin to start on the lake, the painting begins to come alive. A soft wind rustles the high branches of the pine trees, causing dried needles to come drifting to earth, thickening the dark carpet of pine needles under Cassy's bare feet. The lake, which had begun as a deep, blue blotch of paint, quickly takes form under layers of lighter and lighter hues, then under highlights of pure white mixed with a hint of cerulean, to reflect the sky. Little wavelets, like the ones that had lapped at the sides of the rowboat that Rachael and I had drifted in for hours, form on the surface of the water, and begin to move, to ebb and flow.

I lift my paintbrush up, and I step back from the painting. Something is missing hereā€¦ something that is not in the photograph, nor in the painting, something to make it completeā€¦.


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