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This story was originally published on Newsroom. Policyholders fear the sale of AMP Life to a Bermuda-based 'zombie fund guru' could leave them stranded because a legal gap means the FMA is powerless to protect them. Nikki Mandow investigates. It's the biggest financial deal in New Zealand in almost two decades. Anotheror so dependants would be reliant on a payout if their loved one died or got sick.

Yet these policyholders know very few details about the AMP-Resolution deal, due to be completed in the first half of this year, according to the company.

Policyholders say they have been given little information about Resolution Life or Clive Cowdery, the British financier behind it - although a search reveals he has in the past been called a "ruthless money grabber" and a "zombie fund guru". Meanwhile the Reserve Bank, which is looking at the AMP-Resolution deal and has the power to sanction or censure it, won't tell policyholders - or Newsroom - anything, saying the details are confidential. The Financial Markets Authority isn't even looking at it.

But questions are starting to be asked about the deal, including in Parliament this week. It all started back in latewhen the Australasian financial services company AMP announced its intention to exit the life insurance business.

You know, the 'living dead' of funds. When AMP Life stopped accepting new customers it became a zombie. Resolution Life specialises in buying zombie funds.

Its boss, UK-based Clive Cowdery has made millions over the past 15 years via three different zombie-buying companies all called rather confusingly Resolution Life.

No problem with that. In fact Cowdery was knighted back in for philanthropically giving some of his millions away. But third parties making money from owning zombie funds comes with risks for existing policyholders in those funds - in theory at least. Any extra dollar Resolution Life gets in premiums from AMP customers, or avoids paying out in future claims to those same customers, could end up in the pockets of Resolution's shareholders.

As outspoken Australian journalist and academic Michael West wrote after the deal was announced:. Who is going to police the conduct of Resolution to make sure it treats AMP policyholders fairly? Who is going to make sure the company pays claims on time, doesn't use a "wait on the phone forever" overseas call centre strategy designed to frustrate legitimate complaints, and doesn't hike premiums and cut bonuses?

This week, the questions about the AMP-Resolution deal started coming from this side of the Tasman too. Who is going to look after the interests of the policyholders? It's a "massive deal", Bayly told Newsroom afterwards. But this isThe trouble is many of the normal market-based checks and balances don't apply with a zombie fund. Because Resolution Life is based overseas and the insurance book is closed, the company doesn't necessarily need to worry about branding or reputational damage if customers get grumpy or vociferous about any perceived poor treatment.

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AMP Life Sale Puts Regulations In The Spotlight

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Punching and Other Holemaking.AMP Life confirmed to interest. There is however a Bill before Parliament - the Financial Markets Conduct of Institutions Amendment Bill - which seeks to introduce a new licensing regime, run by the FMA, for the conduct of insurers, banks and non-bank deposit takers. This would, among other things, see its claims handling regulated. Despite Bayly flagging concern over gaps in the law, his party voted against the Financial Markets Conduct of Institutions Amendment Bill at its first reading on February Thereafter, the Bill will need to pass its second and third readings before becoming law.

The RBNZ is in the first half of this year due to resume a review of this law, which it started inbut had to pause because it was too busy. However the focus will largely be on requiring insurers to increase their solvency buffersnot on conduct. The RBNZ told interest.

Help interest. Read this. We welcome your help to improve our coverage of this issue. Any examples or experiences to relate? Any links to other news, data or research to shed more light on this?

Delia La Radio cu Andreea Esca

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Our current comment policy is here. The previous Reserve Bank administration have acknowledged off the record they made a mistake with permitting consolidation of the insurance market; which is now essentially a duopoly. While AMP havent been managed practically well in recent times, I'd rather have them than some bogus company set up in a tax haven; who could well pull the pin of policies that don't profit for them.

Bascand to be found out of his depth The simple problem here is the bank regulator was charged with regulating Insurance companies with absolutely no understanding of the complexities involved. I do wonder how long this deputy governor can continue at the pleasure of the governor For Bascand to basically say at a Finance and Expenditure Committee "I haven't thought about it" goes beyond embarrassing Some of the above issues occurred before Orr joined Having not received a letter from AMP I was completely in the dark about this.

Many thanks for the info! He said policyholders were in the dark over what the sale would mean for them.

AMP Life Sale Puts Regulations In The Spotlight

What is happening? Is Buffett behind these? Think you'll find scale is the name of the game. Thank you to Andrew Bayly for raising these concerns.

Isn't it Orr's job to oversee his deputies with input from the board? Thanks for the insight.


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